Our Classes

Jillian Rian’s Dance School offers continuous learning dance classes in pre-dance, tap, jazz, ballet, pointe, lyrical, and acrobatics. Classes begin in the fall and continue weekly, culminating in an annual dance recital held each spring at the beautiful Stocker Center Hoke Theater at Lorain County Community College. JRDS students get to showcase their hard work over the year to family and friends in the 1,000-seat theater.

Throughout the year, we may offer six-week specialty dance classes which, in the past, have included cheerleading, flexibility and stretching, creative movement, and a Mommy and Me class.

Use the buttons below to explore all the dance disciplines we offer. Have questions? Send us an email at dancewithjrds@gmail.com.

Our pre-dance class is perfect for the preschooler who wants to dance. Beginning dance steps of tap are introduced, song and dance for memory enhancement, basic tumbling, and ballet skills developed. This class is designed to build confidence and social skills. Pre-dance classes are suitable for 3 1/2–4 1/2-year-olds. Ballet shoes are required with the purchase of tap shoes by the Christmas holiday.

Our tap classes offer an array of dance steps to upbeat music. These classes concentrate on teaching rhythm, technique, coordination, and flexibility. Tap classes are suitable for students ages 5 and up. Tap shoes are required.

In our jazz classes, we work to develop the proper technique for jumps, leaps, and turns to students ages 6 and up. Students are taught stretching techniques aimed at improving flexibility and preventing injury. Jazz shoes are required.

The foundation of all dance disciplines, ballet is an essential base for all dancers. Offered to children ages 7 and up, we focus on proper alignment and technique, strength, flexibility, and elegance. Ballet shoes, leotard, tights, and restrained hair are required.

Students taking at least 2 Ballet classes per week and have received recommendation from their instructors may enroll for pre-pointe. Pre-pointe classes are 30 minutes and develop the strength necessary to dance on their toes and knowledge to begin training in pointe shoes.

Students taking at least 2 Ballet classes per week and have been training en pointe for at least one year may enroll for Pointe. Pointe classes are 30 minutes in which dancers wear pointe shoes throughout class and learn how to execute steps performed by professional ballerinas.

Our acrobatics classes teach balance and agility to children ages 5 and up. Proper stretching techniques and acrobatic tricks are taught. No aerial tricks will be performed. Tumbling shoes and leotard are required.

The focus of this class will be on developing strength and stability in Quadriceps and Hamstring muscles, while also strengthening the upper body (Arms and Body).

Sample Exercises: Body Weight Squats, Lunges, One leg dead-lift (targets hamstring and gluteal muscles as well as great for improving balance), push ups, dips (for the tricep muscles). Each exercise will be followed with a stretch that targets the muscle(s) just worked.