Liability Release

By entering my name in the box below, I acknowledge that Jillian Rian’s Dance School (JRDS) does not provide medical or accident coverage for performers, participants or volunteers. JRDS insurance does not cover performers. The participant, performer and volunteers are required to maintain their own medical insurance to cover sickness, accident or injury that may occur as a result of participating with JRDS. By signing this document, I agree to hold JRDS harmless for any medical condition or injury that may arise out of participation with JRDS. I agree to provide my own insurance coverage.

I understand that if the performer quits or is released due to poor behavior or a violation of policies that there will be no refunds of monies for fees, tickets or monies paid.

I, the auditionee and my parents understand the conditions of accepting a role, fundraising expectations, and level of commitment expected to the school, staff and fellow dancers.

I have read and understood the above.

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